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DCC Health & Beauty USA (Ion Labs, Elite One Source & Amerilab Technologies) Coronavirus (COVID‐19) Update

30th Mar 2020


Earlier this week, the US government, in line with many other countries across the globe, issued strict measures to reduce people’s day-to-day contact with other people, in order to reduce the spread of the infection. Therefore, we would like to update our position.


Subsidiaries of DCC Health & Beauty Solutions in North America (Ion Labs, Elite One Source & Amerilab Technologies), are manufacturers of vital personal cleansing products, hand washes, hand sanitizers, nutritional health and pharmaceutical products. They all remain open to manufacture and supply our customers with these essential products.


We are taking significant steps to protect our people, maintaining strict social distancing measures, continuing to enable good hand, personal and facility hygiene and putting in place further measures to reduce risk for all our people including increasing the frequency of sanitation of the facility, workstations and common areas. Where possible those who can work from home, as determined by the local subsidiary CEO, are doing so. We have eliminated business travel and all site visitors (except for critical support) to our facilities.


We are maintaining regular contact with our key suppliers to identify any potential disruption. To date, there have been some challenges maintaining incoming supply of some of the materials that have seen a dramatic increase in demand as a result of the pandemic and we would expect those challenges to continue for some time.  We are however keeping in contact with all of our customers to keep them fully up to date with the latest developments.


We have seen an increase in demand for those products that will be useful in the fight against the virus, such as hand sanitizers, washes and nutritional health products.  We are working hard at securing the raw materials and packaging needed to meet this demand and we will prioritize such items so that they can be put to use as soon as possible.


Our amazing teams are working hard to satisfy demand and to deliver the highest possible levels of customer service to our valued partners during this period. You can be assured we are taking all of the necessary steps within our power to ensure continuity of supply and that we are regularly reviewing our plans due to the rapidly changing situation. We will continue to provide updates.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help and support.


Greg Menke


Elite One Source